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13/09/2016 08:46

What is “Be Brasil”?
Promote the image of brazil as an attractive and reliable country in the world of business

05/09/2016 13:46

Brazil runs USD 4.1 billion trade surplus
The result came in August as exports increased and imports slowed. Year-to-date through August, the country had a USD 30.5 billion surplus in foreign trade transactions.

05/09/2016 13:43

The investments that the government intends to do in the Brazilian highway sistem.

05/09/2016 13:43

The investments that the government intends to do in the Brazilian railroads.

05/09/2016 13:37

A new logistics center for the country
Transport involving several modes, brings logistic solution and cost reduction

02/09/2016 13:49

How to export to Brazil?
Overview of how the process is to export a generic product to Brazil.

30/08/2016 13:38

Brazil's economic advantages
In the past years, Brazil has consolidated its position as a strong and attractive global player with a high degree of economic diversification and is currently the seventh largest economy in the world. The country is a vigorous democracy, with free multiparty elections and strong institutions.

01/08/2016 13:40

109 years - Fragments of a history of achievements
Famous for its location, Anápolis celebrates 109 years of historical landmarks.

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