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How to export to Brazil?
Overview of how the process is to export a generic product to Brazil.

Verify that your product can legally be exported to Brazil before shipment, a proforma invoice must be sent to the Brazilian importer.

The Brazilian importer have to request a Import License (LI) from Integrated Foreign Trade System (Siscomex).

The exporter must send the Brazilian importer all necessary document following embarkation. This include:

  • Shipping information
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Other certificates if required
  • The Import Duty and the Tax on Industrial Products (IPI) will have to be paid.
  • When goods arrive to Brazil the importer must prepare the Import Declaration (DI).

All documents including the Import Declaration, a receipt generated by the Siscomex and ICMS payment receipt (or waiver) must be presented to the Secretariat of Federal revenue (SRF).
When completing these steps the clearance process is finished and the product can be traded in Brazil.

Remember that you in addition to Import Duty, IPI and ICMS, you will also have to pay the PIS and COFINS taxes on the imported product.

This is only a generic overview and some products will need product registration in Brazil before embarkation.


Source: The Brazil Business


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