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The investments that the government intends to do in the Brazilian railroads.

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 On 15 August 2012, the Federal Government launched the PIL (logistics investment program) in order to expand the scale of investments in road, railway, waterway, port and airport infrastructure in Brazil.  Mainly, the program establishes guidelines, aimed at restoring the integrated transport planning to set up a modern and efficient network of transport infrastructure, capable of giving greater competitiveness to the country, as well as fostering economic and social development.

On 9 June 2015, the Federal Government announced the second stage of the PIL, continuing the process of modernization of the country's transport infrastructure and aiming at the resumption of economic growth.  concerning   railways, the Program seeks to increase the use of rail cargo transport, create a modern and integrated railway network, increase the rail transport capacity and reduce logistical bottlenecks. The program will ensure the application of R$ 86.4 billion in the construction, modernization and maintenance of 7500 km of railway lines. The concession model keeps the premises of broad gauge railways, with high load carrying capacity, optimized geometric design and high speed. That means it will be possible to redeem railways transportation as a logistical alternative. Additionally, the model’s basic premises are: to ensure the right of way for the integration of the network of existing and new concessions; improve competition in the vertical operator model; adopt the bidding model by grants or shared investment; and use the expression of interest procedure to develop the feasibility studies.

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Source: Ministry of Planning


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