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The investments that the government intends to do in the Brazilian highway sistem.

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On 15th August, 2012, the Brazilian Federal government launched the Investment in Logistic s Programme (PIL). The programme includes a set of projects that contribute to developing a modern and efficient transport system and will be carried out by means of strategic partnerships with the private sector, promoting a synergy between road, rail, river, sea and air transport systems. In the roads sector, the programme’s main guidelines are the following: providing a broad, modern and integrated network; efficient and competitive supply chains; and reasonable fees. In the road network’s first phase, the programme executed a concession of 4,890 km of roads. From May 2014 to September 2015 the programme delivered over 288 km of duplicated roads, with the target being the delivery of duplication of the entire length of the roads dealt with by each concession over a period of four years after the Licence of Implementation being granted. The estimated investment is R$ 46 billion.

On 9th June 2015, the Brazilian Federal Government announced the second stage of the PIL, continuing the modernization process of the country’s transport infrastructure while also aiming at resuming economic growth. This stage provides for the concession of approximately 7,000 km. The investment should be along the R$ 66.1 billion line and focus on increasing capacity and improving road safety, with R$ 50.8 billion for new concessions, to be executed throughout 2015 and 2016, and R$ 15.3 billion invested into concessions already in existence.

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Source: Ministry of Planning


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