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A new logistics center for the country
Transport involving several modes, brings logistic solution and cost reduction

Full plataforma anapolis

The discussion of a modeling that integrates Anápolis Logistics Platform the courtyard of the North South Railway cargo in the city is about to become reality. According to the Governor Marconi Perillo integration of logistics platform to the North South polo will add much value to the Cargo Airport.

The poles of charges along the North South Railway are transfer centers of cargo and logistics services, anchored in a railway operation. The transport is characterized by using two or more modes of transport being used by FNS when road and rail in the same logistic solution. When used rationally, intermodality can reduce logistics costs.

In view of the CEO of Valec Mario Mondolfo, Ferrovia Norte Sul, from its conception, already provides integration with multimodal platforms, such as the Anápolis. "With this integration, Anápolis will be the main logistics center of the country," said Marconi. Perillo has asked Valec steps to solve the problems of the Railway intersections in its southern stretch. He said that, due to the delay of works, some of these crossings have generated accidents on state roads.

About tramo Southern Railroad, the directors of Valec explained that economic problems delayed the progress of the work, which provides the connection of the railroad, through goiano soil until Star D'Oeste in São Paulo, with the construction of two poles in cities of St. Helena and St. Simon. director Marcus Expedito operations, said the pole of the North South in St. Helena will be the largest railway and store soybeans, corn and sugar, among other agricultural products produced in Goiás Southwest, approaching the market site with the ports of Santos (SP), Itaqui (MA) and Ilheus (BA).

According to him, Valec also develops an executive project for the construction of a new port in São Simão, which should drain soybeans, soybean meal and biofuel. Negotiations in this direction are being discussed with the main group investor in the region - Caramuru - you want to have access to a new mode of transportation that is not only the waterway Paranaíba-Paraná-Tietê.

The South North original design and its extension includes the construction of poles in the cities of Uruaçu, Anápolis, St. Helena and St. Simon. "When this get done here, Brazil is a new country," he added Marconi.


Source: Guia Maritimo


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