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What is “Be Brasil”?
Promote the image of brazil as an attractive and reliable country in the world of business

The idea behind Be Brasil is to promote the image of brazil as an attractive and reliable country in the world of business by using a narrative supported by the determination and creativity of the brazilian people and the quality, innovation and sustainability of our products and services.

These attributes will be highlighted in a major national and international campaign that will integrate public relations, marketing, events, press relations, social media and advertising. The initiative will focus on promoting exports and attracting foreign direct investments to the country through a strategic partnership between Apex-Brasil and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expand Brasil presence in the international market.

The Be Brasil project will be launched during a historic moment for brazil. We are the first South American country to host the Olympic games. And, in spite of the challenges that come with an event of this magnitude, we are succeeding, exceeding expectations, shining, and showing the world the potential of brazil and its people. Taking advantage of the unique opportunity presented by the heightened visibility our country is receiving while hosting the greatest sporting event on earth, and inspired by this great Olympic atmosphere, Apex-Brasil is launching the Be Brasil campaign.

Together, Apex-Brasil, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their partners will work with attributes that highlight brazilian competitiveness in foreign trade and in attracting investments, through the development of a consistent, unified and continuous narrative to promote brazil as a business partner. A new image of brazil is being introduced to the world.

Attributes - the campaign showcases the unique characteristics of brazilian products and services:

  • Creativity
    • Is in the brazilian genes. We're original, we're imaginative and we're exceptional at the art of coming up with creative solutions.
  • Determination
    • Is in the brazilian blood. We never give up. We're persistent and we only rest when we've succeeded.
  • Quality
    • Is in brazilian hands. We seek excellence in our products and services, because we understand the importance of staying competitive.
  • Sustainability
    • Is in the brazilian conscience. We are engaged in defending the environment and we benefit from our biodiversity without harming the planet.
  • Innovation
    • Is in the brazilian mindset. Our free and resourceful thinking leads us to reinvent methods, introduce new ideas and innovate.

Source: Apex Brasil


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