Porto Seco Centro Oeste

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Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A is a bonded dry port terminal for public use, intended for the storage and handling of imported goods, or for exports, being used as a facilitator of Foreign Trade Operations. 

It was the first Dry Port of the Mid-western region, created through public bid, in which Goiás businessmen formed a consortium that won the bid, thus obtaining a license for the provision of customs services.

Two years passed, from the permission to deployment, due to the adjustments required by the IRS, listed in the Request for Proposal. Bonded in September 1999, the institution developed a new and important logistics alternative in the area, playing a key role in the development of the state, bringing it closer to the global market. 

The third largest Brazilian Dry Port was planned and built with the purpose of providing personalized delivery of customs service solutions, enabling the growth of its customers and contributing to the socioeconomic development of the State of Goiás.

As the leader in the domestic and foreign cargo storage and handling in the region, the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A has a variety of associated services with strong technological integration, advanced infrastructure and specialized staff. The terminal also offers customized solutions for companies that need to market their products strategically throughout Brazil. 

The organization offers the most modern international standards of quality, safety and agility.

The Porto Seco Centro-Oeste occupies an important position among the largest warehousing and customs companies of the interior of Brazil, especially in regard to its location. The Port is in a strategically privileged region in the city of Anápolis - GO. Considered the "Crossroads of Brazil," the region is close to the major economic centers of the country, which allows facility and significant cost reduction in the flow of products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Besides the easy road access, the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste has a railway, providing an additional facility to combine its customer’s resources and offer the best transportation option. Thus, may types of cargo can be transported, interconnecting the entire market in the Mid-western region to other parts of the country, making large distances economically competitive.

At the Customs Station, companies operating in foreign trade find all services in one place, with the constant presence of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) of the Ministry of Health; and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

The Anápolis Dry Port is one of the private companies that most invest in logistics in the Mid-Western region and attracts the most investment to the region. In 2010, more than $ 2 billion in goods passed through its terminals.

As anchor of the Multimodal Logistics Platform and the Anápolis Cargo Airport, the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste works with one goal: offer customs services personalized solutions, enabling the growth of its customers and generating development for Anápolis, Goiás and Brazil.


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Gust Speed: 17 Km/h
Source: Station located on the Dry Port.
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Source: Station located on the Dry Port.