Porto Seco Centro Oeste

A Empresa
Our history


Incorporation process with the IRS of the first Dry Port in the interior of Brazil.


October: Official inauguration of the first EADI in the Mid-Western region of the country and the beginning of operations as a provider of port services.

Total area - 109,700m²


The volume of imports made through the terminal was of US$ 34.8 million.


July: First export operation of EADI-Anápolis, the shipping of granite to Switzerland.

Beginning of hospital medical equipment import operations.


July: Resumption of the logistics activities of the former Rede Ferroviária Federal S/A (RFFSA-Federal Railway), through a partnership between Companhia Vale do Rio Doce and Ferrovia Centro Atlântica (FCA).

Inauguration of the container handling Loading and Unloading Terminal at the Dry Port.

Start of the Express Train operations, which inaugurated a weekly trip between Anápolis (GO) and Santos (SP).  

07/12/2012 - First railway cargo is loaded, the cargo of powdered milk was shipped to Sete Lagoas (MG).

December: With the growing demand of cargo, the Express Train operates on a daily basis between Anápolis and Santos.


Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A starts operating in a new market segment: General Warehousing. Thus, the Internal Market sector is created, a space for the rendering of logistics services for the handling and storage of domestic cargo.

The company is accredited by the Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento (Conab), which attests to its ability to store GM crops.


April: The Dry Port becomes a logistics hub in the country for the importation and distribution of Hyundai and Subaru motor vehicles.


Beginning of the Pharmaceutical Complex operations. Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A becomes a logistics hub in the country for the importation and distribution of supplies and medication, meeting the needs of major pharmaceutical companies in the region and the world. 

September: The construction of the Copper Ore Terminal, the result of a partnership between the Dry Port, Canadian group Yamana Gold - Mineração Maracá and Vale.

November: Start of Chrysotile Asbestos export operations.


Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A registers considerable increase in the volume of imports: U.S.$ 243.4 million - an increase of nearly 300%.

Obtainment of the ISO 9001 certificate, which attests to the presence of a system of high-quality management in service delivery.

Obtainment of the IBD Quality Certification by the Biodynamic Institute Certification Association, which added the advantage of working with the exports of organic products to the quality management system.


August: Start of operations of the storage and handling of cotton for one of the largest trading companies in the world. Inauguration of the largest plume yard in the Mid-Western region of the country.


Record volume of imports through the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A: US$ 1 billion.

June: Expansion of the customs area 176,000m²

July: Inauguration of the Ore Terminal with the start of copper concentrate export operations, from Anápolis.

December: Amid the global crisis, the trade surplus of the company in 2008 is 82.02% higher than 2007. 


March: Obtainment of the Dun & Bradstreet International LTD certification, which attests to the credibility and financial potential of the Dry Port for negotiations with suppliers and investors.

The capacity of storage and customer services is optimized. Expansion of the Internal Market area from 44,600m² to 160,000m².

The unit becomes a reference in the country with the inauguration of the Fabrício Tavares Interaction Station, a leisure area for employees and drivers attending the Dry Port.

October: Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A celebrates 10 years of operations, a milestone for the company, for Anápolis and for the State.


Record volume of movement of goods through the Dry Port: US$ 2 billion.

Acquisition of two state-of-the-art Reach Stacker forklifts.

Installation of the Integrated Surveillance System with digital communications and GPS technology.


September: The entire company is certified by ISO 9001 and the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste becomes the first and only dry port in Brazil to have certification for all of its processes.

Expansion of the total area to 500,000m².


September: Inauguration of the Security Operations Center. The company is the first dry port in the country to meet IRS' norms concerning security systems andimplements one of the most modern monitoring systems in Brazil.


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