Porto Seco Centro Oeste

A Empresa
Corporate strategy


Provide services with excellence and competitiveness, seeking to optimize logistics results in warehousing and cargo handling both for foreign trade and for the internal market.


Be the reference as a multimodal hub in Latin America and go beyond the standards of excellence in providing services, with high level of technological innovation.


Entrepreneurship and boldness - We cultivate the ability to overcome challenges, we go beyond simply executing. Our goal is to provide the best and most efficient solutions.

Evolution and Innovation - We are always looking forward into the future. We are constantly seeking to do this in an innovative and comprehensive manner to achieve our strategic objectives with a pioneering outlook.

Commitment and focus - We understand that discipline and respect are key to generating sustainable value in a company and therefore, we work focused on a business and professional conduct that reflects our values.

Excellence and competitiveness - We conduct our activities with the highest degree of quality, in order to also achieve high levels of efficiency and create value for our customers.

Safety and quality of life - Ensure the integrity, and the physical and mental well-being of our employees, minimize risks related to our work processes and stimulate a spirit of cooperation are basic conditions for our operation.

Ethics and Transparency - Being righteous is not a quality for us, it is our reason for existing. We respect the laws and maintain a clear and productive relationship with our various publics. Our ethical principles guide our various daily actions.

Proud to be Porto Seco - We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome challenges, and furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to dream and achieve. Our story, whatwewere,now strengthens what we are and what drives us to be even more, with determination.


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Weather now

25º C
Temperatura 172f3aa66012f344cd044c2fd8e6275b982232e35d680e85ec19ea90c8175c32
Relative humidity: 60%
Thermal sensation: 21º C
Wind speed: 11 Km/h
Gust Speed: 17 Km/h
Source: Station located on the Dry Port.
Weather now
Temperatura 172f3aa66012f344cd044c2fd8e6275b982232e35d680e85ec19ea90c8175c32
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  Min Mid Max
25º C 26º C 26º C
Relative humidity:
25% 58% 60%
Thermal sensation
21º C 22º C 22º C
Wind speed:
11 Km/h 15 Km/h 18 Km/h
Source: Station located on the Dry Port.