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Management Systems

Management Systems :
Affirming the commitment to its values ​​and seeking to continuously improve its processes and services, The Dry Port has a global management system focused on results , including management in the following areas :
  • Quality;
  • Property security;
  • Health and safety;
  • Information security;
  • Security in the logistics chain.
The entire system was structured on the international standard , uniting the known quality of service for the Porto Seco Centro Oeste services for the safety of logistics operations .

Safety Management Policy:

With the constant aim of acting in an ethical, responsible and preventive way, the Dry Port  created a entire policy for the management of security.

Through it the company has committed to identify and assess threats related to security, implementing operational controls to manage and reduce risks to an acceptable level.

The policy also includes the provision of a work environment with safety conditions in the ISO 28000 standards through protection against injury or damage to persons, facilities, information, property and image, which are essential to the successful conduct and growth continued its business and direct consequence, the business of its customers.


The continuous search for excellence led to the achievement and maintenance of three important certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 28000 and Army Certificate of Registration.

Since 2006, the Dry Port works with a quality management system in providing services through compliance with regulatory criteria of ISO 9001 (based on the certification service with high quality standards).

In 2011, the company had its Internal Market segment (sector designed to work with domestic loads), audited and certified to ISO 9001, becoming the first and only dry port in Brazil to have certification in all processes.

From 2015 the company reaches new heights, the first dry port and the second organization in the country to obtain ISO 28000 certification (certification based on supply chain security with a high level of control).

Finally the company conquer with the Brazilian Army permission to store controlled goods. The Certificate of Registration (CR) achieved in 2016, certifies that the company has the ability to work with products that requires high control and expertise for various security reasons.


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