Porto Seco Centro Oeste

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The location of the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A is the best of the entire Brazilian interior, when it comes to logistics. It is located in Anápolis (GO), the municipality considered to be the "Crossroads of Brazil", for its natural facility to integrate the region with other consumer centers around the country.

The Dry Port was installed in a strategic region: 55kmfrom Goiania, capital of Goiás, and 154km from Brasilia, Brazil's capital. Its location also provides access to three federal highways, that pass through Anápolis: BR060 (São Paulo/Brasilia), BR153 (Brasília/Belém) and BR414 (Anápolis/Niquelândia).


In addition, the company has a railway branch - the Centro-Atlântica Railway, which provides additional facility to combine the resources of its clients and better and more varied transportation options.


The city will soon be ground zero for the interconnection between the North-South and Atlantic railway, which is in an advanced implementation process. The Dry Port is also the anchor of Multimodal Logistics Platform of Goiás and the Anápolis Cargo Airport, both at a distance of less than1km from the terminal facilities.


Due to the association between road and rail modes, the dry port can ship the most diversified types of cargo. The terminal connects the entire market in the Mid-Western region to other parts of the country, transforming large distances into economically competitive distances.



· Goiania: 53 Km

· Brasília: 159 Km

· Uberlândia: 368 Km

· Belo Horizonte: 819 km

· Palmas: 839 Km

· Campo Grande: 884 Km

· São Paulo: 942 Km

· Cuiabá: 980 Km

· Santos: 1,012 Km

· Rio de Janeiro: 1,224 Km

· Vitória: 1.331Km

· Salvador: 1.522Km

· São Luiz: 1.982Km

· Manaus: 3.430Km


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Gust Speed: 17 Km/h
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Source: Station located on the Dry Port.