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Is the commercial and fiscal process of bringing a load or product from abroad to the country of reference. It tends to be acquired through the nationalization of the product, which occurs from bureaucratic procedures related to IRS of the destination country, as well as its customs, during unloading and delivery, which can be by air, sea, road or rail . When more than one type of transport is used for delivery, this is called multimodal transport.  

Basic Guidelines: 

1. Identify the best vendor/product and check the occupied price and volume;  

2. Check with a customs broker if the import is allowed, if it has any restrictions or exchange rate and tax requirements;  

3. Calculation of the cost of shipping and taxes;  

4. Check feasibility of importation;  

5. Negotiate the operation;  

6. Pay the import and close the exchange;  

7. Inform that the goods are ready for shipment;  

8. Authorize shipment of the goods;  

9. Receive documents and send them to the broker to evaluate and start the process of customs clearance;  

10. Register the import declaration (DI);  

11. Pay the taxes;  

12. Receive the goods.  

Basic Legislation: 

- Decree No. 4.543, of 12/16/02 

- SRF No. 650 of 05/12/06 

- ADE COANA No. 03, 06/01/06


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