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Regimes e Serviços

Is the shipping of goods or the rendering of services to/in another country. This operation may involve payment (exchange hedging), as occurs in the sale of products, or not, as in donations.  


Basic Guidelines: 

1. Identify potential buyers in foreign markets;  

2. Adapt the export product to national and international standards;  

3. Contact the possible buyer and introduce the company and the product;  

4. Prepare the FOB price as basic;  

5. Define price terms, delivery, packaging, etc.;

6. Issue and send the Pro Forma Invoice in accordance with the legislation of the country of destination;  

7. Production of the goods for delivery within the deadline;  

8. Registration and accreditation with DECEX/SECEX and the Federal Revenue;  

9. Hire the company for international shipping;  

10. Execute, or hire a customs broker to fulfill the shipping formalities;  

11. Issue the tax, commercial and financial documents;  

12. Agree on the exchange rate with the authorizing bank in order to operate in this mode;  

13. Receive the agreed value;  

14. Monitory the arrival of the goods to their destination.  


Basic Legislation: 

- Decree No. 4.543, of 12/16/02 

- SRF No. 650 of 05/12/06 

- ADE COANA No. 03, 06/01/06


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