Porto Seco Centro Oeste

Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Internal actions

'My Family, My Port' Project :On his/her birthday, the employee receives his/her family for lunch and a visit to the company. In addition to making the employee feel proud of the company, this makes the family feel part of it.

Summer Camp:A week with recreational games, workshops and games for employees' children. The initiative seeks to increase communication between the company, family members and employees.

Holiday Season Celebration:The company offers a banquet for all employees, with delivery of Christmas baskets for each one and the raffle of many gifts.

International Women's Day:Every year, a luncheon is specially prepared for the employees and each is presented with a beauty appreciation kit.

Fabrício Tavares Conviviality Station: a space dedicated to the employees and also the truckers that circulate around the company.Designed to encourage culture, leisure, quality of life and entertainment, the station has a complete structure with a snack bar,lan-house, cable TV, medical center, playroom, movie theater, games room, children's playground, dressing rooms, laundry and a green area with native Cerrado species.

Support House:A space designed to provide well-being and quality of life for the employees. The area has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms for resting, and a beauty salon.

On the Path to Health Project:In celebration of National Health Day (08/10), the Dry Port has an activity day dedicated to the health of its employees. During the occasion, there are vaccinations, medical preventive care (the taking of blood pressure and glucose analysis), gymnastics, educational lectures and exercises for relaxation and leisure.

Employee Week:For one week, employees participate in pool competitions, card games, arm wrestling, checkers, foosball, video games, tug of war and others. In addition to games, there is also a Day of Beauty, in which skilled professionals offer full salon services. The winners are announced at a barbecue and are receive trophies and awards.

Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Tournament:An internal tournament, which currently has seven teams. The objective is to strengthen team spirit and respect for others. Besides the competition there is also a BBQ and the awarding of trophies.

Sesi Educates Project:The Dry Port, in partnership with SESI, has classrooms within its facilities for those who have not completed their high school education, so that they can conclude this stage of their educational development in a dignified manner.

Digital Inclusion Project:The company, through its Department of Information Technology, provides courses in digital inclusion for all interested employees.

Solidary Contribution Project:Provided through the selling of recycled materials collected in the company. The resulting value is reverted to assist employees who are experiencing abnormal needs, such as the purchase of diapers, staples, rent assistance, etc.

Mutual-Aid Project:Created to help employees who do not have the meansto build or buy their own home. The beneficiary receives a donation of construction materials, so that other employees volunteer and help in the construction of the property.

Sports Sponsorship:The talent of employees for sports is widely encouraged by the company, with the sponsorship for athletes, and so they can compete nationally and even in other countries.

Zero Accidents Project:In order to minimize motor vehicle accidents, the company provides awareness lectures. Among the topics covered are: driving during the rainy season, defensive driving and driving courses.

Vale Card Agreement:This is a benefit that allows employees to make purchases at various shops, through agreements, with the possibility of term payments, deducted from their paycheck.
Vale Meal Card: Allows the purchase of food for the employee's family, removing the weight of the discounts.

Health Plan:The Dry Port offers health insurance for all its employees, funding the full monthly payments. Thus, medical consultation and exam rates are reduced.

Life Insurance:When joining the Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A team, the employee receives free life insurance. The indemnity provides assistance to the families in the event of misfortune.

Meals:Employees who are part of the staff, take their meals at the company. Breakfast, lunch and snack are provided for those working during business hours, in addition to dinner and snack for those working night shifts. Moreover, during the overtime activities, the company provides the meal necessary for all employees present.

Educational Incentive:The Dry Port develops an extra remuneration policy to encourage continuous improvement. When the employee completes elementary education, he/she receives a bonus of 10%, when he/she finishes high school, the percentage rises to 15%; a technician/technologist, 17%; college degree, 20%; post-graduate degree, 30%; Masters' , 40%; and doctorate 50%.

5/10 year period:In order to reward employees who have been with the company longer, Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A offers a bonus of 6% of the base salary from the fifth to the ninth year (five-year period) of service, and 8% for employees after the tenth year of service.

Bonus for performance:Each sector of the company has its own policy of incentives for improved performance, rewarding employees with monthly bonuses.

College Aid:Another stimulus for the continuous development of employees is the educational reimbursement, which subsidizes part of the costs of higher education and technology courses, according to criteria aligned with the company's needs.

Course and Training Schedule:The Dry Port encourages and enables continuous professional retraining, allowing and paying for various courses and training programs.


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