Porto Seco Centro Oeste

Desenvolvimento Sustentável
Sustainability actions

More than conduct business and provide services, Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A is an institution that aims at developing the whole person. Therefore, it values ​​the environment to ensure the quality of life of its employees and the community. Within this proposal, the company develops and supports environmental responsibility events.

Since its conception of the Dry Port project, environmental impact was strictly controlled, according to national and international standards set by entities linked to the sector. Other actions are constantly being developed in order to promote a harmonious integration with the communities of Anápolis and the region.

Neutral Carbon Project:Porto Seco Centro-Oeste S/A participates every year of Federal Police's "Neutral Carbon" campaign, in partnership with the City of Anápolis, through its Environmental Department. The project's goal is the environmental compensation of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, through the planting of trees as a way of reducing the gases causing the greenhouse effect.


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Weather now

25º C
Temperatura 172f3aa66012f344cd044c2fd8e6275b982232e35d680e85ec19ea90c8175c32
Relative humidity: 60%
Thermal sensation: 21º C
Wind speed: 11 Km/h
Gust Speed: 17 Km/h
Source: Station located on the Dry Port.
Weather now
Temperatura 172f3aa66012f344cd044c2fd8e6275b982232e35d680e85ec19ea90c8175c32
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25º C 26º C 26º C
Relative humidity:
25% 58% 60%
Thermal sensation
21º C 22º C 22º C
Wind speed:
11 Km/h 15 Km/h 18 Km/h
Source: Station located on the Dry Port.